Freitag, 8. März 2013

I hate Machine Guns (Englische Version)

von Tony Menzel

I hate machine guns in Video Games. If you ask me, they make everything worse. I must admit though, that I'm not a huge First Person Shooter fan. Let's say: machine guns make everything worse in non-first-person-shooter games.
When it comes to ballistic weapons in games, I prefer small weapons, like guns, that give me everything I need to handle the situation. There's something about machine guns that just doesn't feel satisfying for me. I prefer precision instead of shooting as many bullets as possible.
There are games in modern settings where machine guns actually annoy me to the point that I think I'd have a better experience without them. To be more clear: almost every game that is not a war game. At last years E3 stream, I saw footage of some cool, supposedly, survival games, like FarCry 3 and Tomb Raider and I really liked it. That was until the characters started shooting with AKs and all of the sudden it looked like an average shooter. What is it that people like about machine gun shooting? I don't get it.

A more recent example is Dead Space 3. I played through the game with some of my most favorite weapons. Needless to say: non of them were machine guns. So I finished the game and I was impressed by how good it was, despite the action focus.
But then I heard people talking about, how this game felt like Gears of War, which confused me. I watched some videos on Youtube and I saw many people playing it with machine guns. Just because of their choice of weapon, it suddenly looked like a normal Third Person Shooter. I felt like these guys would have had a better experience by playing with more creative weapons.

Another example is Splinter Cell Conviction. I liked the Jason Bourne, James Bond, Jack Bauer approach of that game (by the way, did you notice that all these agents names have the same initials...?) but Sam Fisher had this bad habit of collecting every weapons he walks across. So instead of feeling like a real secret agent with my gun, I had to carry a machine or shot gun on my back all the time. Of course, the game didn't force me to use them but while carrying them around, I felt more like a mercenary or soldier than a secret agent (and I like secret agents).

I could name more examples, but I think I made my point. It would be more interesting to get some examples for games, where machine gun shooting improves the experience, because I can't really think of one.

Oh, should I mention, that machine guns are also bad in real life?....No? Who cares.

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